The ultimate e-sport betting platform


Betsee is an e-sport betting platform my team and I have designed and built at the 2019 AT&T Shape Hackathon. The event lasted two and a half days and we have created a minimal viable product from scratch. Including me, my team had three developers and two designers. 


Our project began concept ideation, basic user flow models to understand routes to pages for development. While the developers began backend development, I supplemented the feature prioritization with Qualitative user research to identify what parts of the Esports betting experience were the most valuable to users.

I created wireframes and high-fidelity prototype to articulate a clear structure to development and developed BetSee primarily with the MERNstack, MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and NodeJS.


Betsee is designed to leverage 5G by delivering rich media content while processing data simultaneous in a way that was not feasible before. Betsee provides a betting service on Esports available for the community.




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