The next-generation method to protect and distribute stock images


Photoguard is a product my team and I have designed and built at the 2019 global hackathon hosted by Crypto Investment Summit. The event lasted three days and we have created a minimal viable product from scratch. Including me, my team had two developers and two designers. 


Integrating blockchain technology and image overlay, our product provides content creators with a next-generation method to protect and distribute their work.


To use Photoguard, content creators start with signing up an account. They would then upload their photos. Each photo will be assigned a hash ID. The hash ID would then be integrated into the photo with the image overlay technique. When other people purchase the photo, each transaction will be updated to the hash. As a result, original content creators will always have a track record of who is authorized to use their photos. On the other hand, if someone obtains an image from the internet but unsure about the status of its copyright, he will be able to utilize Photoguard's verification feature to gain access of the authorized user list.



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